Everest Gurkha Menu

Side Dishes

Bhat £2.00
Boiled basmati rice

Bhuteko bhat. £3.70 V
Rice fried with ghee, cumin, garlic & mixed vegetable in nepali style.

Everest special fried rice £4.10 P E
Rice fried in nepali style with ghee, cumin, garlic, prawn, egg, chicken & mixed vegetable.

Kalo dal (black). £3.90 V
Split black lentil sauce cooked with traditional spices and finished with ginger taste.

Musuri dal (yellow) £3.90 V
Split lentil cooked with traditional spices and fresh coriander. In dividual vegetable dishes

Aloo tusa £6.49 V
New potatoes stir-fried with bamboo shoots and black eye peas.

Everest mixed vegetable tarkari £6.99 V
Mixed vegetable with ginger, garlic, onions, tomato & fresh nepali spices.

Saag sabji £5.99 V
Chef’s selected vegetables with broccoli, green peas, spinach & green beans.

Choi-sam £5.99 V sbs
Fresh chinese green vegetables cooked with nepali spices, garlic and soya sauce.


Tomato chutneys. £1.00 V
Tomato, red onion, fresh chillies & fresh coriander.

Timor ko dhulo. £1.00 V G
Himalayan herb

Khursani ko achar ( hot & spicy) £1.20 V ss G