Everest Gurkha Menu

Main Courses


Everest lamb £9.30
Fresh local lamb with ginger, garlic, onions, fresh nepali spice, chilli& coriander. Slow cooked to give this authentic dish from the foothills of nepal depth and flavour.

Khasi ra aloo ko tarkari. £8.99
Excellent combination of fresh lamb with potato and our homemade spices. Slow cooked for the himalayan taste.

Lamb ra hariyo bodi £8.99
Slow cooked fresh lamb with fresh green-beans & nepali spices.

Lamb tusa. £8.49
Fresh lamb with bamboo shoots, black eye peas & potatoes. Slowcooked with nepali spices and coriander.


Himali pork. £8.49
Diced pork cooked in everest gurkha style with onion, garlic, ginger, fresh spice, chilli & coriander.

Bhaktapure sungur £8.49
Typical dry cooked pork belly with choi-sam or pak-choi, tomato, fresh coriander and our home-made spices.


Sagarmatha chicken £8.49
Fresh chicken with onions, ginger, garlic, fresh nepali spices, chilli and coriander. Slow-cooked fot that authentic flavour.

Chicken ra moola ko tarkari £8.39
Slow cooked fresh chicken with white radish & nepali spices. Moola (radish) is very popular vegetable in nepali dishes.

Chicken ra aloo £8.39
Slow cooked fresh chicken with potatoes & nepali spices.

Chicken chilli £8.49 G
Tender marinated stir-fried chicken with mixed peppers & fresh chilli.

Fish and prawn dishes

Mardi khola ko machha (salmon) £9.39 F g
Slow cooked salmon marinated with our home made spices.

Jhinge machha ko tarkari. £9.39 P
King prawn marinated with homemade spices & slow cooked in sauce.


Everest gurkhali beef £8.99 sbs
Marinated with our own blended masala then stir-fried with mixed pepper, cabbage and onions.

Everest gurkhali chicken £8.39 sbs
Tender pieces of chicken, stir-fried with our blended masala.


Thukpa chiken £7.99 E s G
Homemade pasta cooked with chicken, onion, ginger, garlic, tomato, nepali spices & fresh coriander.

Chowmein. £7.99 E sbs G
Fried noodles with mixed vegetables or chicken or pork

Everest special chowmein £9.99 E sbs p G
Stir-fried noodle with prawn, chicken, egg & mixed vegetables.